Gold Mutual Fund vs. Gold ETF Where to invest

Gold ETFs are exchange-traded funds that invest in physical gold. Each unit of a Gold ETF represents 1 unit (or in some cases 0.5 units) of gold. While the meaning of Gold Mutual Fund is that fund of funds scheme that invests in Gold ETF. Both help investors do away with making charges associated with physical gold. Gold ETFs are traded on the exchange at the prevailing market price of physical gold, which implies that investors can buy or sell their holdings at prices that are close to the market price, without worrying about paying a significant premium on purchase or selling at a discount.

When it comes to purity, both invest in Gold. (in case of Gold Mutual Fund, the underlying asset which is the Gold ETF invests in gold).

Gold Mutual Fund in India enables you to make a systematic purchase, which means you can invest a fixed amount of money at regular intervals which may help to reduce the average cost of your investment over the long term. Systematic purchases can be made by buying on the exchange or through Gold Funds that invest in the Gold ETF. Through Gold Funds, you can sign up for buying gold at regular intervals for the desired period in a single transaction.

Both can help you diversify your portfolio when it comes to investing. You can easily expose your money to the prevailing prices of gold. Both allow you to invest in Gold in a matter of few clicks from the comfort of your home.

Both can be easily liquidated at a value close to the prevailing price of gold and can be purchased from the comfort and safety of your home.

When you compare Gold ETF vs Gold Mutual Fund, last but not the least, you will need a DEMAT account to invest in Gold ETF while investing in Gold Mutual Fund will not require a DEMAT account.

Gold is thus, a safe haven asset, which makes it an effective portfolio diversifier. It’s thus prudent to allocate 10-15 percent of your portfolio investments to gold. Please consult your financial advisor before taking any asset allocation related decisions.

Why should you Refinance a Mortgage in Australia?

In addition, if the refinancing of a home loan is performed with proper preparation and planning, then refinancing can also make it easier for a better financial scope for you and your family.

What is Home Loan Refinancing?

Refinancing is an approach of proceeding with a new mortgage to replace an existing loan. However, this loan can be with the same lender, but it involves switching to another bank in most cases. It provides you some additional aspects like a lower interest rate or an offset account.

Common reasons to Refinance Mortgages

Let’s explore the general reasons to refinance mortgages, including some which you may’ve not thought of earlier.

Lower interest rate: The refinancing of your home loan for a lower interest rate saves your money as well as helps you to pay off the loan sooner. However, every lender uses individual steps to set their interest rates. That is why it is important to consult a home mortgage expert or broker to know what rate you can access.
For renovation: If you are thinking of renovating, you need to save a lot of money since renovating or extending requires additional borrowing funds. If you hadn’t used the available value of your property yet, when you first borrowed, then you can unlock it now to renovate.
Consolidate debt: consolidation of debt is a handy feature of various mortgages, and it could be one reason you are considering home loan refinancing if you’ve lots of credit cards and are paying high interest rates, then in this condition, debt consolidation work well for you. It makes sense to refinance and consolidate your personal debt amount into a home loan to make your payments more manageable.
Fix interest rate: It could be a particularly great strategy to fix your interest rates by mortgage refinancing for a period of time to protect against potential rate increments.
To get better features: Offset accounts or redraw facilities are such features that can help you pay home loans sooner. But if your current mortgage doesn’t offer such aspects and you want to make extra repayments, then it is good to refinance.
Are you planning for mortgage refinancing now or in the near future? Then you can consult with our experts at Your Finance Adviser.

Your Finance Adviser is a well-known name in the field of finance advising company based in Australia. Our skilled and expert team is proficient in offering the best refinance mortgage advice to the clients based upon lending terms mandated by Australia’s important banks & lenders.

Find the Best Factoring Loan Options with MBS and Finance Corp

Invoice factoring is basically a financial transaction in which a business sells its invoice to a third party which is called a factor at a discounted price. This invoice is collateral under the agreement that the loan will be paid back. The legal ownership of the invoices still lies with the business owner.

How does Factoring Invoices work?

Factoring involves various steps which are given below.

The first step is to submit the right invoices and good source services to larger creditworthy customers.
The next step involves verification after which cash is credited to the company sooner than the agreed terms.
Then the unpaid invoices are sold to the invoice factoring company.
The company then verifies the invoices and gives up to 90% of the invoice amount.
The amount is credited within 24 hours.
The larger creditworthy customers pay directly to the company which charges some free and paid back to you.
What are the benefits of Factoring Loans?

Given below are the list of reasons that make factoring loans beneficial to all kinds of businesses.

The factoring loans are approved very easily and saves the time spent in going through paperwork, business plans and financial statements.
There is no stipulation with factoring and you can use the cash for your business as you like.
Factoring does not create debt as long as the factored invoices are paid timely.
It positively influences the balance sheet ratios.
Why do you need a broker?

The factoring loan brokers know how to handle this job in the right way. They wait for the accounts receivable invoice payments and offer timely cash. They know how to deal with different money lenders and the right choice for your company. They have direct dealings with various money lending sources and help in getting your loan approved easily. If you are looking for the best factoring loan broker in New York then MBS and Finance Corp is a one-stop shop for you.

What Makes MBS and Finance Corp the best option for you?

MBS and Finance Corp is the finest factoring loan broker in New York for several reasons. Their loan providing procedure is very simple and customer-friendly. Execution of the loan agreement is conducted digitally at your doorstep.

Once the verification step is completed, loans are funded within 24 hours. They provide a visual dashboard where you can track your transactions. Loans are funded by the screened investors only. They maintain complete privacy and do not reveal or misuse personal information about the customers.

Metro Business Solutions & Finance Corp is the best option for all your capital needs. They offer you exclusive benefits that you will not find anywhere else.

High Integrity Consultative Sales Skills For Real Estate Agents

Consultative sales strategies focus on connecting, nurturing, and supporting relationships. But it’s not all about building relationships. Top consultative salespeople are skilled…otherwise they would make a lot of friends but not a lot of sales.

What Consultative Sales Is and Is Not

Consultative selling is not just about building rapport by finding things in common…it is about building rapport by asking valuable questions that help prospects make decisions.
It is not just about asking information-gathering questions…it is about asking customer-focused questions, many of which use a counselling format.
It is not only about asking a lot of questions…it is about helping prospects follow a decision path that helps them process their many thoughts, considerations, decisions, and information.
It’s not about finding clever ways to address objections…it is about understanding that objections are often caused by the salesperson pitching something the prospect doesn’t want or presenting before the prospect is ready for it.
Often when I ask salespeople if they sell consultatively, they say yes. When I ask them what consultative selling is, they will tell me it’s about building rapport and relationship. And that’s true. But when I hear them selling, their focus will be on asking questions solely for the purpose of setting up an opportunity for them to present.

Selling Is About Decision-Making

But true consultative sales is about helping prospects make decisions…and many of those decisions are not necessarily related to what the salesperson is selling. For instance, suppose a home buyer is feeling uncertain about his job. He may not want to talk about that with the salesperson, or he may not even be thinking about it consciously. But it affects his decision about whether to hire a real estate agent or not.

A traditional salesperson focused only on setting up an opportunity to present won’t find this issue and may go away disappointed and frustrated that he couldn’t convert this lead.

Six Sales Skills for the Consultative Salesperson

There are six consultative sales skills that can be learned in order to master selling without pressure:

1. Asking counseling questions
2. Helping prospects address their own objections
3. Using a decision protocol
4. Embracing the hourglass approach
5. Chaining questions
6. Gaining permission to close

These proven strategies help real estate agents move away from the pushy aggressive approach that often alienates customers. Yet they give salespeople great control, allowing them to be dramatically effective while being respectful and relaxed.

Small Business Consultants Can Help You Grow and Achieve Operational Excellence

Good small business consultants can help business owners and entrepreneurs discover more ways to make profit on a regular basis. A lot of people who seek the help of a small business consultant wind up pleasantly surprised at just how many areas of expertise that consultant actually has.

Outsourcing some of your processes, such as marketing, or getting help coming up with a plan of action to tackle your existing business challenges could make a big difference to the success of your business; and fast, too. Small business consultants can help you go after new business as well as help you to ensure that you can effectively handle a spike in volume. Growth is good but you need to be able to handle that growth and to be able to sustain it as well. Getting help from an expert just makes sense. A consultant has expertise working with many industries and can help you market to expand as well as correct operational deficiencies that could be limiting or potentially dangerous to your reputation and future growth possibilities.

Most business consultants have a wide array of experience and have been entrepreneurs themselves. Their knowledge and experience puts them in a good position to look at businesses with challenges or goals that require direction and action plans and then provide small business owners or entrepreneurs with info that can help them move forward.

Finding New Customers

Most businesses are on the constant lookout for new customers. Why wouldn’t you want to capture more market share than you have today? Your business consultant can help you find customers that don’t know how much value you can add to their lives yet as well as help you position your company’s products or services so that you can take market share from dissatisfied or disloyal customers of your competitors.

Capitalising on Existing Customers

Some businesses have a more loyal customer base than others. But many small businesses who first start out don’t realise the full potential in your first few customers. Not only could they become repeat customers but they could also be case studies that help you demonstrate your capabilities in your industry.

If your business has an existing client base, it makes sense to spend a bit of time marketing to those people. After all, they have already shown that they are confident enough in you to place an initial order. If you have done your job well, subsequent sales should be much easier to achieve and those businesses could prove to be valuable for their testimonials, the business you can begin forecasting for based on trends, and for their word of mouth referral power.

Small business consultants help small businesses capitalise on existing customers while helping them to expand to attract new clients as well. By investing in expertise you can expand quickly and with confidence that you have the infrastructure in place to support new business.

Getting Script Consulting on Your Screenplay and How it Can Help

When you complete a script it it always a good idea to get some form of script consulting to make sure it is proof read and up to scratch. If you send off a script to an agent or producer that has spelling mistakes and the incorrect format then you will almost certainly get rejected, doing this multiple times will just give you a bad name in the industry and make it a whole lot harder. The three main things to look for in script doctoring are; format checking, good testimonials and a reasonable price.

Checking The Format

This is a very important part of having a finished script. If you send out a screenplay that isn’t is the right format then it will almost automatically get rejected, you will have to be very lucky otherwise. If you aren’t sure if you have the right layout then I would recommend learning and re editing your script before you even think about sending it off. Always make sure that whatever script consulting you get that they check every aspect of the format.

Good Testimonials

When you think you have found someone to check your script then always search the internet for previous customer testimonials and reviews on their service. Check online forums and places that wont be biased, this will give you a good indication on the level of service.

What’s The Right Price?

Script consulting prices can heavily vary. If you look for an independent script doctor then it will always be expensive. If you are a beginner then I would recommend doing a screenwriting course, this way you should get free script consulting at the end. This is very often cheaper than an independent script doctor. Overall I would say that if you are experienced then I would get an independent script consultant or if you are a beginner then just enroll in a screenwriting course that provides feedback at the end. There is no right or wrong way to go about script consulting.

The Bonuses of Getting Script Consultants to Read Your Screenplay

Script consultants are very useful if you have a finished draft of a screenplay that you want to send off to agents and producers. Some script consultants offer an individual service and will provide you with a report at the end telling you what you can do to improve. If you are a beginner screenwriter and don’t yet have a script I would recommend taking a screenwriting course. These courses very often provide a free script consultancy service at the end. In this article I will explain exactly what script doctors do and how they can help you develop as a screenwriter.

Why Do I Need Script Consultants?

The reason you need script doctors is so you can develop your script into something that will be classed as “industry standard”. Without script consultants many screenplays that have really great potential could never see the light of day.

Why Can’t I Do It Myself?

You can and you must! When you finish your draft copies then you should always be reading them through making notes on how to improve your screenplay. Script doctors help you because they are a fresh pair of eyes and will read your script as a viewer and not a writer. To get a truly great script you need both.

What Do I Do Afterward?

After you have the feedback from a script you should start the rewrite. Think about everything the script doctor says, whether you agree with it or not. You don’t have to make changes if you don’t want to but do take their advice on board. When you have finished the rewrite you should send your script off to agents and producers.

In conclusion I would say that using script doctors is essential whatever level of screenwriting you are at. If you want a cheap option then signing up to a screenwriting course is probably your best bet, otherwise take some time looking and get a professional script doctor for a more detailed analysis.

How a Screenplay Consultant Could Help Sell Your Script

When you take part in online screenwriting courses a screenplay consultant will be offered at the end to review your script and give you expert feedback. This can sometimes work out to be cheaper than paying an independent script doctor. A script consultant is there to give you advice on how to improve your script and get it sold. If you are thinking about doing a screenwriting course then there are a few things I would make sure that the screenplay consultant provides to make it easier to sell your script. These are; structuring feedback, dialogue feedback, characterisation advice, format checking and marketing advice.

Structuring Feedback

The structure of a screenplay is very important. A good screenplay consultant will always check the structure to make sure it follows the three act technique. If it doesn’t then don’t worry, they should give you an idea of how to make it fit in.

Dialogue Feedback

The dialogue should be straight to the point and not stray off the story. Every piece of speech should set up what’s going to be said afterwards. You will probably find lot’s of notes about shortening scenes so they flow better.

Characterisation Advice

A good screenplay requires both a great plot and engaging characters. A screenplay consultant will give you advice on how to strengthen your characters and make them more alive.

Format Checking

Having the right format for film or television is very important. Some amazing screenplays have been rejected because of poor formatting. If you make mistakes a script doctor will correct them or at least tell you how it’s meant to be done.

Marketing Advice

When everything is finished you will have to market yourself and your screenplay. A screenplay consultant will give you the contacts and give you advice on who you should send your script to. Overall screenplay consultancy could be a very wise investment. After getting your script checked you will then know if you will be in a position to sell it to producers. You will also find it easier to get an agent, they will then get you more work writing scripts.

How to Sell Your Consulting Over the Web – 7 Creative Ways to Breakthrough With Your Consulting

As a consultant, you’re viewed as an expert in your field. Wouldn’t you like to cash in on that expertise and gain more clients? Here are 7 ways to use the web to close more consulting engagements.

1. Research Client Markets Most Likely to Use Your Consulting Services

Millions of companies are available to you over the Internet. Find your target market: those that need and want the consulting services you have to offer.

2. Research and Learn Something About the Prospect’s Business Problems

Every business has problems and issues. Find your prospect’s most pressing business problems and develop solutions. Better yet, help solve your prospect’s customer’s problems.

3. Write Articles Containing Overviews of Possible Solutions to Business Problems

Article marketing works. Use it. Establish yourself as a subject matter expert in your consulting field. Credibility will carry you a long way.

4. Drive Prospects to Your Website – Use Search-engine Friendly Keywords in Your Articles

Research the keywords your prospects use on search engines, to find your services. Use these words in your articles to obtain search engine ‘hits’.

5. Write an E-Book Describing Your Consulting Approach and Philosophies

Write an eight to ten page E-book that appeals to your target market.

6. Offer a Free E-Book to Those Who Visit Your Website

Giving away a downloadable E-book furthers your credibility engaging the law of reciprocity within your prospect.

7. Follow-up With Every Prospect that Contacts You

You’ve done a lot of work to benefit your target market. To close more business, directly contact each prospect receiving your E-book.

Consulting Companies – Announcing 5 Rewarding Steps to Grow Your Consulting Company

This article is for those owners of consulting companies who are looking for ways to grow their business by boosting their sign up rate and by positioning themselves as industry leaders or the best in their chosen niche. The following tips are for you:

1. Check on your competitors. Do your research online and type in the consulting service that you offer (IT consulting, business consulting, strategy consulting, etc.) and access the first 10 sites that come up on the search page results. These are your strongest competitors. Know what strategies they are using and the quality of service that they provide. You can hire third party researchers who can really dig deeper to get as much information as possible. You will need to know everything that these people are doing so you can easily create an action plan to outplay them.

2. Take feedback seriously. If your previous customers got issues with your service, make sure that you do something about it right away. The feedback of your clients are your best allies when identifying your weaknesses so don’t ignore them. Make necessary improvements and adjustments whenever you see fit — your customers will surely appreciate it.

3. Strive to offer 100% satisfaction. This is the best thing that you can do to secure more clients while you retain the old ones. You see, when you make your customers happy, they are most likely to come back. Not only that, they’ll also be happy to spread the word out. As word-of-mouth of advertising is still the best form of marketing, this can surely bring a lot of business on your doorstep. So, strive to give your clients everything that they are looking for and even more to easily impress them.

4. Plan a targeted and aggressive marketing campaign. One of the keys to boost your sign up rate is to promote easy recall among your target market. This can be achieved by simply planning and executing an aggressive and highly targeted marketing campaign. Use as many internet marketing tools as you can and form an effective marketing team that is an expert when it comes to connecting with your target market and in properly building up your offerings.

5. Offer free trial. Most people these days would like to have a guarantee that the consulting company is the right fit before they sign up. Help these people make that decision by giving them a sneak peek on your consulting services. Offer them 1-2 free sessions so they can gauge if you are really the best company that can offer them their learning needs.